Even right at this moment, I’m so grateful to have this platform to write what I’m thinking and to you someone who is reading my blog.

Do you want to fall in love with your journey called life? Keep reading!

In this blog, I’m going to talk about gratitude.

What is Gratitude?

Let’s understand it in two parts. First to know that there are many good and beautiful things in the world and the second is feeling that we have got all these and more without asking. There are many things and people around us that are making our life, beautiful, accessible, and easy. Recognition of these is called Gratitude. Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what we already have. Gratitude is our perspective, our choice.

For Instance: Be grateful for the two eyes which are helping you at this moment to read this blog, Be grateful for the current job you have, Be grateful for the person in your life that helped you in tough times, and Be grateful for that bad phase of your life that has shaped you into what you’re today.


Do you know? As you are reading this, some people have lost their family members or some might be taking their last breaths on earth. Meanwhile, we are living this experience; our hearts are pumping, just to keep things going for us.

There’s a power. I don’t know what you call it. For you, it may be God/Universe/Life/Magic. When you start appreciating things and people you have in your life. That power (God/Universe/Life/Magic) will start bringing you even more reasons to be appreciative. Our human wants are unlimited. When one want is satisfied, we move on to another one and never feel grateful for what we already have. It doesn’t matter how much we obtain/gain/receive. We will never have enough if we don’t appreciate what we obtain. But if we are brave enough to be grateful for what we already have life will bless us with even more.

Let’s start thinking about the things that we need to give up like blaming, gossiping, complaining, etc., and realize we are on this beautiful journey and fall in love with every second of it.


Think about all the little things and the people that you have in your life. Think about the fact that you have a roof over your head, many people don’t have it. Think about those beautiful eyes you have, many people don’t have. Think about your parents, many don’t have.

If you’re someone who is going through a bad phase, I can understand it can be tough for you to find things that you are grateful for because you might not be feeling positive, appreciative and might be wondering why things are happening with you? Still start with small and stuck with it. It will take time but you will find some changes in your perspective. It will help to bring some positivity into your life.


If you’re someone

Whose mind is full of negativity.

or you think you’re not enough?

or your happiness depends on other factors and people?

The time is passing by too fast and you are not living in the moment but always wishing that one day you could achieve something that could make you a little happier than you are into this vicious circle and you should start your gratitude journey. The first benefit is that you will realize happiness is all around you and your life is already enough and happy. You will gradually reduce your craving for external conditions, people, or achievements to feel happy. Secondly, you will stop taking things for granted.

I say that there will be a change but it is not magic to turn me or you into a positive person without feeling sad or stressed. I do sometimes just get happy from bringing more material things, it happens less often. I always think about what I’m grateful for to get rid of those toxic negative thoughts.

Always remember “No matter what your current position is, in your life, there are always some good little things if you look deep enough”.

How did I start practicing Gratitude?

I read “The Magic by Rhonda Byrne” this book was presented to me as a gift. This book talks about daily gratitude. When I started reading this book, I said it’s just common sense (the book talks about a lot of things that are common sense) but later I found “that common sense is not common enough”; I was not practicing it every single day. I was not applying to my lifestyle that was the problem. This book changed my perspective. Now, it makes sense, why things happened and why things continued to happen but almost to my best advantage.

Tips for the newbies: If you are new to gratitude, It can feel weird to look at the blank page and have no idea what to write about, incase you are using a journal. Start writing simple things like your morning tea/coffee, your favorite food, things you use daily, or your job. You can also write more specific about thanking yourself for meditating/beautiful eyes/longhairs etc. or simply look outside the window and see what is something you are grateful, for outside it can be the sun shining bright and beautifully or write something that you have in 2021 and you didn’t have that in 2020. Keep it short.  Always find something new to write about.

In 2021, I expressed my first gratitude to the Bank Manager Miss “Akanksha” by presenting her a well-handwritten note and chocolate as a happy customer. This not only made her happy but me too.

So today, I ask you that if you haven’t started your gratitude journey do it today. I don’t know what it looks like for you. May be it’s a journal or maybe you say it in your mind before you go to bed and you think about three-five things that you are grateful for before you go to sleep. Again, I don’t know what that is but find a way that works for you. Start your gratitude journey.

I would love to hear from you if you’ve started your journey and if you haven’t started it, start it today.

Put any three things in the comment section for which you are grateful.

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