To Code… Not to code| Every Programmer’s Problem| EncoreSky

To Code… Not to code| Every Programmer’s Problem| EncoreSky

As a programmer, composing code is the core part of your job. In your programming lifetime, you should manage various types of code demands. Each request will force you to make difficult decisions. That all is OKAY. Nothing wrong with that. This is what everyone expects from you, as a programmer. However, here is a question:

Should you write all the code that is requested from you?

Not to code| Every Programmer’s Problem| EncoreSky

Programming is the art of solving any problem. As programmers, when we have a new problem, we get excited.

And that is OKAY because we are programmers. We love writing code initially. However, getting too excited about writing code makes us blind. It causes us to ignore some important facts that can cause bigger problems we will have to deal with in the future.

So, what are those important facts that we tend to ignore?

As Rich Skrenta wrote,


“Code is bad. It rots. It requires periodic maintenance. It has bugs that need to be found. New features mean the old code has to be adapted.”

It’s so valid, would it say it isn’t? The programmers who motivate you with their efficiency and coding mindset are the individuals who realize when to state no and when not to code. The software that is easy to maintain, that lasts long and keeps helping their client is the one that doesn’t contain any unnecessary code lines.


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