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What is a Blog ?

Nitially created from the words web + log = blog is the ultimate expression of you. Your thought and idea coming to life when you share it on a post or a page. A blog is a website where you can share your knowledge, experience, and suggestions with the world. In the old time’s people used to write diary/logs hence, you must be knowing now how a web blog gets its name as Blog.

Examples of Blogs are

ShoutMeLoud https://www.shoutmeloud.com/blog
Mashable https://in.mashable.com
Medium https://medium.com

Why we feel a need for blog

To show the presence – The current time is of fast-moving IT world, to have a good spirit of competition you must always have all the weapons ready.
To make your name on the huge internet web, blogging is yet another convenient medium.

To Share Knowledge – Being a startup level IT organization it requires you to have keen knowledge in your technical, communication, and management, since it has been more than 3 years for us to be in the IT society, we have successfully delivered quite the services to our clients. And that all came from the knowledge we persist and share. This platform is an amazing way to help and share increasing knowledge by the time.

Individual Development – Here in EncoreSky we not only focus on the technical skills of our associates but also give our best shot to groom their personalities. We focus on their interests, their weakness, and strengths and help them know themselves better. Blogging is yet another way for them to share their knowledge, talent, and thinking. And hence it will help them improve their self-perception, knowledge, personality, and whatnot.

Organizational Growth – To chase the idea of being a service IT company helping people to chase theirs, we really need to be aware of the current trends and thus while reading the blogs and even sharing ours creates a sense of clarity. As Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it, you haven’t understood it well enough”.

To tell the story – To share the Journey of EncoreSky to the world.

Who can write a blog ?

Blog Writing Ravi Nitesh
Anyone who loves writing 😃

What a Blog can be written about ?

Almost about anything. Since it shows your true self to the world why not using it and let people know who you are. And there are tons of ways on the internet where you can learn how to make your blog interesting.

Why Blogs ?

Writing blogs helps you to know yourself better, when you write a blog it is a challenge. Your research on the topic, you filter the contents and you choose to write what you feel. Challenges help us grow and hence In another way it makes you happy.

There are many bloggers professional/nonprofessional who write and make money blogging. Hence you can also make money via blogging actively and passively.

Help yourself to become better – When you write a blog about your area of interest you go through a lot of research and understanding. For example a fitness blog. You may be knowing very much about fitness like variable exercises to the diet and whatnot. But when you write a blog about it you explore more and hence you learn more.

Help others – When you share your knowledge and experience through a blog it helps others. For example, a technical development blog that denotes how to implement a module like Google’s firebase. When people search for the examples and solutions your blog can help them to develop and fulfill their requirement and you know helping others is always necessary to make the world a better place 😊.

peace In Nature

Learning – written word is one of the best way of learning (there is no denial on that) and by writing a blog you become better thinker and a writer. It also helps you increasing the confidence.

Blogging for marketing and promoting – Why not ? you can definitely use blogging for the promotions and hence can enhance your business. Imaging a blogger who has a huge number of followers and your promotional message goes to all of them.

Uplifting – One of my favourite reason to write a blog. You can always spread the examples and the inspiring stories which increases the confidence and positive vibes in the reader.

There are infinite reasons though as just to keep it short as an introduction, blogging is worth it.

Thank you.

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