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SmartGas stands as a technologically advanced gas distribution company operating within Nigeria’s downstream sector. Its core expertise encompasses cylinder sales, LPG retailing, wholesaling, and oil & gas procurement. At the heart of our business model lies the promotion of gas adoption within communities, the optimization of transactional efficiency for clients, and the cultivation of robust partnerships with leading oil & gas equipment manufacturers, vendors, and OEMs. This strategic approach empowers SmartGas to deliver unparalleled service to our corporate clients, ensuring competitiveness and sustainability. SmartGas’ distinctive business model positions us as the forefront technology-based gas distribution entity in Nigeria.


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The Challenge

When presented with the Gas Distribution System project encompassing various user categories like Admins, Clients, Distributors, and Drivers, we systematically defined the requirements. The project aimed to establish a comprehensive platform incorporating functions such as online booking, distribution oversight, real-time tracking, and accurate billing based on operational data. Compatibility with local payment gateways added an extra layer of complexity.

What did EncoreSky do

EncoreSky took on the challenge by committing our experts to the task of building a functional platform. Our approach began with a thorough understanding of the project’s scope, followed by setting up workflows, team assignments, and creating a structured architecture for the Website, Mobile App, and Admin interface.

Throughout the development, we adhered to an Agile methodology, allowing us to remain adaptable and responsive to changes. Maintaining a continuous and transparent dialogue with the client was a key part of our strategy, ensuring alignment and confidence at every stage.

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The Results

The technology that we use to support SmartGas

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