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In a world where technology shapes how we connect and operate, GoFido emerges as a prime example of how full stack app and web development can revolutionize an industry. GoFido isn’t just a website; it’s a dynamic platform designed to support dog care professionals across the UK. The mission is to create a space where dog walkers, sitters, and day care centers can come together to enhance the quality of dog care services.

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The Challenge

Our journey began by taking the idea of dog day care and making it a reality. GoFido aimed to provide a comprehensive solution, including a functional website, an easy-to-use admin portal, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. This required a holistic approach to full stack app and web development, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle fit seamlessly.

What did EncoreSky do

For over three years, EncoreSky has been working hand-in-hand with GoFido to shape this platform. We started by understanding the core concept and then strategically assembling specialized teams. Initially, we focused on creating a robust dog day care management system. As the concept evolved, GoFido expanded to become a parent company, overseeing various dog care management systems as tenants. This new layer brought fresh challenges.

To meet these challenges, we pieced together a range of solutions:

API: Developed using PHP and Laravel, ensuring smooth communication.

Database: We designed a MySQL Admin database to handle complex data interactions.

Admin Dashboard: Created using Laravel, JavaScript, JQuery, and Bootstrap, providing a user-friendly interface for management.

Mobile Apps: Crafted native apps for iOS and Android, offering a seamless user experience on mobile devices.

DevOps: Utilized Google Cloud Service to ensure the platform’s performance and scalability.

Storage: Leveraged Google Cloud Storage Service for secure media storage.


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The Results

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