The EncoreSky Odyssey with FINEXITY AG

FINEXITY case study

FINEXITY is known as a fintech platform that provided an opportunity for investors to invest in real assets using blockchain technology. FINEXITY AG is one of the first companies worldwide to offer tokenized tangible assets as an investment opportunity.
Using blockchain technology, FINEXITY AG enable private investors to access previously illiquid assets on our multi-asset platform. The FINEXITY team brings together a wide range of experts from the real estate, finance and IT industries.

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The Challenge

When FINEXITY AG presented their innovative concept to us, they envisioned EncoreSky Technologies as an integral extension of their core team, fully grasping their aspirations, challenges, and objectives. Our task was formidable: to architect a platform that was not only scalable to potentially serve millions but also fortified with stringent security measures, safeguarding against cyber threats, data breaches, and ensuring alignment with global security standards. While the idea brimmed with potential, it ushered in challenges spanning scalability, security, and the imperative of delivering an unparalleled user experience. Moreover, the construction and sustenance of this platform demanded a rich tapestry of technical acumen.

What did EncoreSky do

Embracing the challenge, EncoreSky delved deep into collaboration. This partnership demanded thorough discussions to identify key features, functionalities, the target audience, and the full scope of the project. Opting for a microservices architecture, EncoreSky harnessed the power of cloud solutions with auto-scaling capabilities. This decision not only fortified the platform against sudden surges in traffic but also ensured its readiness for future expansion in both user numbers and asset listings.
With a sharp focus on user experience, EncoreSky crafted an interface that combined simplicity and elegance. Their design was marked by clear call-to-action buttons, intuitive navigation, and a streamlined layout, facilitating users to effortlessly manage their investments. Throughout the journey, EncoreSky championed open communication. By adopting regular sprint reviews and agile practices, coupled with constant feedback channels, they made sure FINEXITY AG remained informed and any necessary adjustments were promptly addressed.

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The Results

The technology that we use to support FINEXITY

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