How I started spending “Me Time”, By Doniya

How I started spending “Me Time”, By Doniya

I was always a bit of an introvert, and I’m fractional to a calm night at home, tucked underneath a blanket with a good book. I always find my entertainment — but till 2014, there’s solely one constraint — it has to be within the safety of my home.

It can sound senseless to many but for me, the idea of going out alone somewhere just gave me the thoughts such as ‘What if people will think I don’t have any companions or family’, ‘Is she insane’, would cross my mind, so I’ve just never even thought of it as an option. Yeah! It’s always fun to spend time with friends, but this was not practical for me a few years ago because I’ve always been selective concerning individuals.


Four years back, my sister moved to another country and one of my close friends went to another state for her further studies. If I talk about my other friends, it is tougher to pin my friends down — with some now working shifts, some shifted to a different City/State/Country, and a few got hitched. It’s not always possible to plan a friend — gathering — as much as I’d like to.

I realize that I was missing out on everything like what I wanted to do and constantly placing others first rather than my desires. Whenever I wanted to try out a brand-new restaurant in town, or a movie I wanted to see, I would always ask someone till I discovered a person to go along with me, so I didn’t feel like I was going out alone.


So, I have made an alteration; I have finally taken matters into my own hands. I don’t want to sit at home feeling unhappy as I’m lacking out. Why should I have to wait for someone else? I will do it, anyway!

Made it Count “Me Time”

I’ve since then named my alone time as a “Me Time” and it turned into quite an addiction. I started figuring out what else I would like to do with this Me Time. The guidelines of my “Me Time” are that I can have all my favorite food and do something which I always wanted to do. It is a selfish couple of hours where I decide and withdraw myself completely from the world. This also involves time off looking at social media, checking emails, or thinking about work.


Ecstasy! Nowadays I can enjoy being alone, yeah it’s my ‘ME TIME’ without the requirement for online life to approve me with “likes” and “follows” or for my phone to be full of messages and emails to remind me of my worth.

Outcome when I Accept Myself

Have a ‘Mantra’:-

If your kind of individual who isn’t used to (or comfy) going to places all alone, attempt this little Mantra. Say,  “I’m doing something I always wanted to do and enjoying it. I’m choosing to be alone as it will help me develop who I’m, my sense of self, and what my true interests are. I’m responsible for my happiness.”

These days many of us are so busy with the home life, studies, and work there’s no time left over to try and do something that you just get pleasure from.

The vital point is “to require some alone time, you don’t have to be single.” Here I’m not asking you to leave your family members, friends, Spouse (in case you’re married) and always keep on enjoying yourself on your own.

“Truth is, I’m generally happiest when it’s just me. It’s okay to be madly in love with yourself.”

Richelle E. Goodrich, author

While it may seem a little strange in the beginning, it’s time spent alone where you can discover yourself. Use your alone time to develop.

Use your alone time to develop. Encoresky

So, what are you waiting for?

Engage yourself in something interesting, relaxing, creative, fun, crazy… and remember you’re doing it all for you.

Want to know where to start? Here are 15 things to do for yourself.

  1. Read a book in the nearby public park or at home.
  2. Head to a coffee house and watch people.
  3. Start a gratitude list.
  4. Try some new makeup on your own and go shopping.
  5. Write a list of your favorite things about yourself.
  6. Go see a movie alone and get a large tub of popcorn.
  7. Get yourself manicure/pedicure and your hair done.
  8. Buy yourself some flowers.
  9. Juice it! Try out some juice recipes or make yourself a smoothie.
  10. Get dressed and attend seminars, conferences, or events.
  11. Do some painting, it is okay if you’re not good at it — Just do it.
  12. Write your feelings, stresses, ideas, dreams or a creative short story.
  13. Sign up for volunteer work
  14. Make time working out.
  15. Listen to music and sing your favorite song loud.

I hope you enjoyed this list of 15 things to start doing for yourself.

What is that you are likely to try? Tell me in the comments.

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