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Top 3 Elements of Work Ethic| EncoreSky

There will always be a debate on if he is the greatest footballer of all time but the stories of his work ethic get to hear from players, coaches, team members.

The cricket captain of India Virat Kohli once said in an interview that my training, schedule, and diet are being planned by my trainer but still, I take inspiration from him. He further added- I’ve heard Messi is a genius but because of his hard work, he is always one step ahead of all in his stream.

Yes you guessed it right, we’re talking about Mr. CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo.

Must be curious where did it all begin for him right ? Here we go…

During the session of 2003-04 his coach Carlos Queiroz called him and told him- See this is as simple as that, if you feel me… It’s not enough just to be a good football player, you kid are being blessed by God with talent and opportunity to become the best player of the world and if you want to take the step for it, you’ll have all my support.

But if you still choose to be an average professional player, I will behave the same with you how I do with all of them.

He further adds, I knew what Cristiano was going to reply.

He’s coach says about him that there are very few young players who have coexistence of talent, strong personality and purpose. 

He further denotes – one late evening I saw some trees moving from my balcony and I though some media or other club people are spying on us and hence I called the security and later came to know that Ronaldo was practicing alone in the jungle trees.

When the other team members of Ronaldo used to go for the shower post practicing, he used to go in the jungle behind the building for the practice on the uneven surface filled with trees.

He used to kick the ball with full force to the trees and used to run behind it to practice for adapting the uneven bouncing.

Not only at that time but even after 15 long years he is consistent on improving his game everyday.

Top 3 Element of Work Ethics are-

Belief System –

What we think of ourselves and what we believe about ourselves shows in our work. Ronaldo knows this very well that he is one of the best athletes of the world and that’s why even after being 33+ with consistent physical training he is able to maintain his body like a 20 years old athlete (as per the medical reports from his team Juventus). He has 7% body fat and 50% muscle mass.

Element of Work Ethics are Belief System

He is also the fastest runner athlete in Fifa World Cup.

Once coming back after playing a match in the champions league at 2 AM instead of going back home he reached the training center of the team for an hour of workout and cryotherapy.

Being a work ethic doesn’t mean working out at midnight or being a night owl but whenever it requires or you get the chance to do more to be one step ahead. His coach says about him that they always see dedication, intensity, and a positive mindset in his workouts.

No to Shortcuts –

His teammate Blaise Matuidi from Juventus says – once we won a very tough game from Manchester United in their own ground Old Trafford. The whole team was very tired and hence we all were on a break but he was training like always. I asked him that aren’t you tired, don’t you need recovery? He replied: I was recovering the whole night and now training. Being Cristiano Ronaldo I need to do this.

No to Shortcuts

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From this quote, we once again get to know about his belief system. He has set such high standards for himself as to maintain it he needs to prepare himself to the level else he will never be satisfied with his performance.

It takes a little longer to make this sort of work ethic. Quinton Fortune says: from a very young age I saw him, he is so obsessed to do better than anyone else. He was very disciplined for his training and practice. I’ve seen many talented players… may be more talented than Cristiano but not everyone has the zeal to work as hard. And from the last 15 years, he’s doing same every day, hence I am not surprised to see his progress and he still has long way to go.

Self Belief –

he has the incredible self-belief. Can be said as a narcissism as he could think I am the best at a very young age even in that star-filled Manchester United team. And he is still playing from the last 15 years thinking the same.

To be a work ethic you don’t need to work out at 2 AM but really need a strong belief system that is formed with small actions and small goals. 

Just like thinking yourself as a sports car and maintaining yourself on the highest level by maintenance work and high-quality oiling.

Cristiano knows this and hence he has maintained his mind and his body to perform the best.

In every field of work being a work ethic requires having the same qualities and self-motivation. If you want to achieve the best, you have to give in the best.

Thank you.

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