8 Simple ways to Connect with Nature

8 Simple ways to Connect with Nature

It’s a beautiful morning, I’m sitting in a park done with the walk observing the beauty around me and felt to write about Nature. I want to send all of you peace. In this blog, I’m going to talk about nature and what are the different ways to connect with nature.

Being in nature definitely boosts creativity and it’s a great time to sit down and write even if you are not a writer. The earth has its own frequency, chakras and certain parts of the earth are really high in vibration. When you are around nature, you feel it. Nature is a healer. Nature has very high vibrations that help us in raising our vibration. Nature has the ability to change our mood. If you find yourself sad, angry, tired, or any of those low vibrational states more often than nature will really help if you could take out 5-10 minutes a day just go in any nature that you connect with – Be it trees, forest, mountains anything. Spend some time over there. Sit and relax.

Nature Beauty Everywhere

If you sit long enough without doing anything, you will begin to feel something and that something is who you are. Go and get lost in nature and you’ll find yourself in those moments of silence i.e. When the answers come. So I encourage you to go, give it a try and connect with nature.

You know when we are with other people we don’t really get to experience the silence that nature brings us. Silence isn’t empty. It is full of answers. Take some time, be alone and connect with nature. Don’t just look at it, feel its presence. Whenever we spent some time alone at the park, hike, or anywhere in nature we are just connecting to our higher self and the reason is that now we are more aware of our thoughts, emotions. Nature teaches us that stillness is the way. When you are truly connected to nature, even if people are walking around, even if the wind is blowing the trees, there is a deep stillness.

 I think nowadays, a big problem is we are not that connected with nature and much connected to digital world. Though digital world has its own benefits and vibrations we are so caught up in it where we can’t connect ourselves outside of it. After reading this blog, go out for a walk; look at the beautiful sky, trees, birds, etc. Nature teaches us that there is a season for everything. So if you’re feeling down right now, if you’re struggling, your better days are coming and you have to trust the process. God is always on time and god is going to take care of you just like he takes care of the birds and all different creatures.

Here are the 8 Ways to Connect to Nature:

1. Walk – Go for a walk in a park, relax and observe the beauty around you. Feel the breeze on your face, listen to birds singing, which is quite sweet and melodious, and hear the sound of the river or the sound of waves. Have a look at beautiful butterflies and flowers all around and be mindful. This activity would definitely allow you to connect with the environment around you both spiritually and mindfully.

2. Cloud Watching – This is so much fun. I love staring at the clouds and looking at all the different shapes they form. It is such a peaceful activity. Try it you will feel calm and relaxed.

3. Walking barefoot on the grass – Walking barefoot on the grass helps us in connecting with nature. It reduces stress and improves our eyesight, boosts emotional well-being. You feel so grounded. I do it with a twist by saying some affirmations. For example, I’m grounded, I’m connected to nature, and I’m secure. You can have your own affirmations.

Ways to Connect to Nature

4. Observe Trees and Flowers – Next time when you’re in a park or forest be sure to truly observe trees, flowers, and their shapes, sizes, color, forms. Hug a tree you will be filled with a magical and grounding energy. People might say you’re crazy, who cares. Go do you, be your authentic self because nobody can replicate you. So whenever you feel lost, go in touch with nature.

5. Incorporate Nature in-home – Another way to constantly stay in touch with nature is to get a part of nature into your home. Open the window let the breeze in, look at the view and you can also buy some beautiful natural indoor plants or an aquarium with beautiful fish or a bunch of crystals whatever you connect with.

6. Read in a park – Pick a park close to where you live and carry some accessories like mat (if you choose to lie down on the ground and read), mobile, headphones (in case you get bored) and of course a book. Once you’re there search for a quiet, calm place –far from the crowd. Either lie down on the ground or sit on a park bench and start reading. It really feels so good by being in contact with nature, watching the sky you will feel more relaxed. We all need a little sunshine in our life because sunshine makes us happier. You will also be benefitted from sunshine vitamins.

Read in a park Flower

7. Stargazing – I am absolutely fascinated by the stars. Stargazing not only acts as a stress reliever but is a magical activity. It is also a great way to remember that we all are part of this magnificent, infinite, magical universe.

8. Gardening – Start gardening plants, flowers, herbs, or even fruits, vegetables. This is a great way to form a solid connection with mother nature. Wow! How amazing it will be to watch your growing plants, isn’t it?

  I hope this blog has brought some interest and love for nature to you.

  Thank you for taking the time to read my post!  

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